Challenges and Problems Facing the Children of Palestine Presented to the International Court of Justice

I am a Palestinian who loves life

I love my house, my garden and my school.

I love Palestine and defend it. It is my land and my scenery I love freedom and in its path I sacrifice myself

Dear Sirs.

o Of you do not love freedom. The children of Palestine also love freedom and the children of Palestine meet with pain. And hope. Palestine children live hope and pain are destinations for the same work in Palestine. With every moment, the moment of hope is mixed with tears or blood

o Sixth. How do you imagine the children of Palestine. They are either listed in their blood or chained to how you can imagine. The children of Palestine are buried under the rubble of their homes demolished by the Israeli occupation. They will break the ground, and they will hide the sky, being displaced.

How can you imagine the children of Palestine and the reckless bullets that pierce their bodies?

How do you imagine the children of Palestine. They are behind bars in cells and prisons and the death of their rightful son.

o The Palestinian people, including children, suffer more than half a century under Israeli occupation, in flagrant violation of their rights despite the existence of provisions to protect civilians under foreign occupation in accordance with international law.

o Palestinian children continue to be killed, wounded, arrested and terrorized by the occupation.

o Dear Sirs.

I come to you from the afflicted and occupied Palestine. I can convey to you the suffering of the children of Palestine as a result of the abhorrent Israeli occupation, which violates all laws, constitutions and human rights, from here and from Geneva, from the International Court of Justice, which has undertaken to protect the oppressed, tortured and tortured human being. To tell you.

o Children of Palestine. Until this moment, they are still among the most dependent children in the world because of the occupation practices. Israeli conflict.

o This occupation has committed many violations of Palestinian human rights in which thousands of children, youth and women were killed and in the UN Secretary-General's report on children and armed conflict. With numerous reports from international organizations and human rights organizations including Israeli organizations that the Israeli occupation forces have resorted to excessive use of force and unlawful killing although there are no indications that children who are. The Israeli occupation forces have killed 56 children from the West Bank in the month of October.

o In the report of the International Movement for the Defense of Palestinian Children, Israel killed 13 children by the beginning of 2017.

o The number of wounded and disabled children reached about 16,620. The proportion of children suffering from chronic diseases was 4486 children in the West Bank and 9021 children in the Gaza Strip

o The occupation policy towards children is a systematic and continuous policy that has affected the whole system of children's rights from violation of the right to life to violation of the right to education and health.

o The statistics and reports issued by the international organizations UNICEF and the International Movement for the Defense of Children indicate that the Israeli occupation authorities. About 700 children are arrested and tried between 12-17. Years before their military courts are subjected to various methods of torture and ill-treatment by the Israeli occupation army in addition to the lack of military courts to any standards of fair trial.

o The average number of children detained in Israeli prisons during the last year 2016 was about 300 children under the age of 18.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said in a report that Palestinian children held by Israel are being treated badly by widespread and systematic images that violate international law. According to the report, there are 700 Palestinians between the ages of 12 and 17, most of whom are male, The Israeli army, police and security forces assaulted the West Bank every year.

o The monitoring of the report is a mix of practices that are said to amount to severe inhuman and degrading punishment and treatment in contravention of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and against torture.

o According to the report, ill-treatment of Palestinian juveniles begins with the same detention, which usually takes place in the middle of the night and is carried out by heavily armed soldiers and continues through trials and sentencing.

o According to the report, Palestinian minors, most of whom are arrested during stone throwing, are subjected to physical violence and threats during interrogation and are forced to confess. They are not allowed to contact lawyers or their families immediately during their detention. "He added. And continue. Treatment that does not fit the rights of the child during their appearance before the courts. Including the restriction of children by shackles and refusal. To release them on bail and to impose the provisions for the detention and transportation of children outside. Occupied Palestinian territories to end the period of government in Israel.

o The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has based its report on more than 400 documented cases since 2009. As well as legal documents, reports of governmental and non-governmental groups, interviews with Palestinian and Israeli officials and lawyers.

o In an Amnesty International report, cases were uncovered in which the occupation army exposed the lives of civilians, including children. They were used as human shields. The report discussed examples such as forcing them to stay inside or near houses that they controlled as military sites and some were forced to carry out dangerous tasks such as inspecting property and objects suspected of being blown up.

The head of the Committee of the Families of Detainees and Detainees in Jerusalem notes that the occupation during this year arrested about 470 people. Including 57 children under the age of 18, accusing them of throwing stones and empty bottles at his targets in addition to the hundreds of children sentenced to imprisonment in their homes on the same charges and confirmed that the sentences of children accused of throwing stones between three months and two years. The head of the committee stressed that the emphasis on children in Jerusalem went to the point of arrest on charges of doing something.

o From their freedom to social networking sites such as publishing photographs of martyrs or prisoners, where the sentences of some of them reached a year and a half, and pointed out that the Israeli racism is exaggerated and is completely ignoring the incitement of settlers against the Palestinians.

o Children and home demolitions.

o The Israeli occupation of homes, buildings and schools is a violation of the rights of children to live in security and stability in the Israeli occupation. The policy of ethnic cleansing of the Bedouin communities in various areas, especially the city of Jerusalem and its environs, etc. The continued Judaization of these areas, the confiscation of land and the demolition of houses have transformed the life of the Palestinian man into a permanent hell and a constant clash with the settlers who attack the Palestinians under the eyes of the occupation army. The tragedies cast a shadow over all walks of life and lead to poverty, physical and psychological illness. The phenomenon of insomnia has been widespread in children.

o In a report issued by Ma'an Agency, in which he pointed out that 72 schools were attacked by Israeli soldiers and settlers. A total of 21,882 students were affected, in addition to material losses and total and partial destruction as a result of crushing and dislocation.

o In a report issued by the Israeli Information Center B'Tselem that the occupation on 22/8/2017 demolished a school building belonging to the village of Jib al-Zayyib. Leaving it behind. Eighty students and students without an educational institution to serve their needs.

o The demolition of the school building on the night of the opening of the academic year is an example of the systematic abuse practiced by the various Israeli authorities against Palestinians in order to encourage them to leave their land. On August 9, 2017, In the gathering of Abu al-Nawar where confiscated solar panels provided electricity to schools and nurseries donated by humanitarian relief organizations and in the area of ​​gathering the Bedouin Pope near Al-Ezariya north of Jerusalem, the occupation demolished and confiscated a trailer made of wood Zinko plates were intended to be used as kindergarten teachers aged 4 to 6 years.

o The policy of the ongoing demolition by the Israeli occupation of Palestinian homes does not stop, but it is on the rise and this is necessarily due to the displacement, loss and the spread of physical and psychological diseases and the most affected by this are the children who leave their schools to help the family.

o According to a report. According to the Palestinian Statistics Center, 4.1% of the total number of children aged 15-17 are working children, while 22% are employed in the same category.

o The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics indicates that 27.2%. Of families with no children with poor families are 19.4%. Of children and 54.8% were anemic.

In total, the total number of demolitions by the Israeli authorities during the year 2015 reached 645 homes and facilities, displacing 2,180% of them, 1,159% of them children in the West Bank governorates including Jerusalem governorate and threatening to demolish 780 houses.

o Sixth. How do you imagine the Palestinian man after his house was demolished on the furniture and necessary needs and has become homeless lacks the most basic needs that help him to continue and live decent.

o Dear Sirs:

o From here, from the International Court of Justice in Geneva, which guarantees the protection of human rights and the preservation of its dignity and in accordance with international law, we call upon the international community to compel Israel to respect international law and end its crimes against our children.

o The international community, including the Security Council, must shoulder its responsibilities, provide the necessary assistance and protection for the children of Palestine, and hold accountable violators of international law, especially laws aimed at protecting children's rights.

o It is the right of the children of Palestine to live in freedom, security, safety, peace and dignity in their homeland, Palestine. That the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories should end.

Effat Sidqi Jabari. Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Islamic Women's Union. Palestine.



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