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Lebanon: Dr. Ayesha Yakan
The negative social deposits were formed as a result of the mixing of the Islamic peoples with some of the customs that prevailed before Islam. These peoples adopted some of the customs, traditions and ideas that they came from outside of the correct religion in order to achieve a personal or personal interest. And the result was the disruption of the concept of the rights granted by Islam to women without all civilizations, and soon found themselves suffering from the oppression of men and tyranny, even the tents of ignorance and the application of the Muslim women think that Islam is the one who inflicted injustice, And it was a reason For failure to ride civilization.
Among the social deposits that impede women's advancement are the restriction of marriage to relatives, forcing minors to marry, preferring male to female at birth, confiscating the right of women to dispose of their money, preferring male education to females, marginalizing women in public life, forcing women to remain silent about their exposure To violence, assigned to the burden of the house as if created for this purpose, do Muslim women need international agreements to preserve their rights? Do you need to join the convoy of women of the world who claim their rights if they exercise all their rights in full form, as granted by Islamic law? It is also noticeable that we often focus on the role of women as wives, mothers and mothers, women who have not married, those who have not, or who have not, or whose children have reached the age of majority or have no breadwinner. In our literature, .
We need to educate women and society to understand Sharia and its rulings through a new understanding through diligence in reading the texts and communicating with the international contexts. Islam is valid for all times and places, but we are rigid in reading texts and devising judgments. We can not deny that some of the gains we have today, , And the study of various types of science, were, unfortunately, the result of a long women's struggle during the last century for the advocates of women's liberation, while Islam gave them this right without struggle, but deprived them of ignorance and injustice.
The preservation of the rights of Muslim women granted to them by the Lord of the Worlds must be imposed on every Muslim and Muslim. The challenges also include the deteriorating economic conditions, the temptations of calls for Westernization and the emancipation of women, traditions and customs that have nothing to do with Islamic law. Thus, wars and armed conflicts in the logic, the challenges faced by women in the workplace, and face veiled Muslim women discrimination in terms of employment opportunities available in the public and private sectors, face discrimination in the laws on pensions and bonuses, Ali The face of bias and sexual harassment in the absence of laws prohibiting it, they must struggle to reach decision-making positions, bear the double burden of employment and domestic work, often receive less pay than men in similar value.
New customs and traditions
The new social phenomena brought about by the digital revolution have affected social and family relations, resulting in changes in daily life and individual behaviors. These will constitute social deposits in the future, the information revolution, which has revolutionized the prevailing customs, traditions and traditions, And transcended geographical boundaries, opening the way for electronic relations in a virtual world.
New manifestations of the globalization era
The prevalence of the concept of friendship between females and males, modesty especially among girls
A marked decline in parental authority over children, addiction to telephones and smart devices, loss of privacy, the spread of news and private images, the ease of moving young men and women towards a cause, the encroachment on symbols and leaders,
Family disintegration and disruption of communication within the family
Recent trends towards women empowerment

These agreements are often left out of practical application and are only slowly and cumbersome because of the absence of laws and regulations that force them into their own countries, pushing the United Nations development agency towards international conventions such as the CEDAW, which calls for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.
Recent trends towards women empowerment
The urgency, the relentless follow-up by international organizations and their representation in our countries, and the fragmentation of large strategic objectives into operational sub-goals and step-by-step steps lead to small achievements and victories that we may not take lightly, puzzle.
Eliminate all forms of discrimination against Muslim women and girls everywhere; no girl or woman in any place of science, work or leisure is prohibited from wearing hijab or hijab, eliminating all forms of violence against Muslim and Muslim women and girls in the public and private spheres, including Human trafficking, sexual exploitation and other forms of exploitation, to stop all forms of forced marriage, especially against minors and trafficking in them by their parents, and call upon the Shari'a courts and legitimate judges not to leave the unjust marriage contracts against girls.
Where is the solution?
"I wish those who invoke Islam to drop the role of women in the global conflict should realize that they are disrupting half of society's energy and contributing to the progress of women in other societies to take their role - regardless," says Fathi Yakin, the preacher of Islam in his book. To take her role as researcher, inventor, legislator, planner, military and security commander, school teacher, trade, university professor, social counselor, deputy and secretary.
Smartphone specifications
 She seeks opportunities to learn and benefit from what she has learned, to lose an hour without knowledge, work or worship, improve her husband's choice, seek knowledge even in China, work for her life as if she never lives and work for another as if she dies tomorrow. Injustice to itself or to others, learn their religion and investigate themselves halal and Haram and do not fear in God for a suitable woman, harnesses all the means of the legitimate age to serve her project, a balance between family responsibilities and professional and advocacy, looking for smart solutions to everything that hinders their aspirations, explore the talents that God blessed them and develop Skills She believes that a strong Muslim is better than a weak Muslim, so she can develop her abilities, distinguishing between the inherited traditions that are hindered by the traditions and traditions that preserve the heritage and protect society. Smart Muslim women improve the investment of their mind, time, body and money in obedience to God. She knows how to be a partner to the man and his housing and clothing, planning for her future and her sister with the trust in God, improve the investment of its funds and looking for legitimate ways to develop its wealth.

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