The International Islamic Women's Union Hall held a workshop entitled "Charity Investment" at the beginning of last July. Dr. Afaf Ahmed, Secretary General of the Federation, welcomed the attendees and thanked the authors of the papers. She spoke briefly about investment and charitable work and the need to recruit in organizations to fulfill their humanitarian and economic role.

The workshop discussed the concept of charitable investment, its controls and methods of financing, and examples of some of the successful projects in it through two papers presented by Dr. Zein Omar Hado - Director of Savings Bank and Social Development and Moulana Ahmed Osman, General Registrar of the Humanitarian Aid Commission. The two papers were discussed by a large number of members of the Islamic Call Organization, the Islamic Agency, Lawyers Without Borders, the diplomatic corps, the General Federation of Sudanese Women, the University of Karre and others.

Following the comments of Mr. Al-Mahi Khalafallah, General Manager of Dan Fodio Holding Company on the final paper, the recommendations and the final results were concluded.