Preparation. Effat Sidqi Jabari. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Women's Union

The International Women's Forum was held in Khartoum, Sudan on the 31st of July to the 3rd of August1996

These events included representatives from popular organizations and women leaders in the Arab and Islamic world from all over the world. Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia Senegal Chad Yemen Comoros Niger Nigeria South Africa Lebanon Palestine Qatar Bahrain Iraq and Asian countries Malaysia and Indonesia Thailand Pakistan Kashmir, America, Venezuela, Italy Norway and Ireland Britain Albania Other


These events in Khartoum resulted in the desire to reach a common word, which is the alternative offering to solve the problems of Muslim women


The forum was attended by many representatives of media organizations including newspapers, television channels and news agencies, which reflects the wide resonance and the great attention that was given to this global forum which brought together the Muslim women of the world with their different colors, colors and ethnicities.




The meetings and deliberations continued in a climate of freedom and clarity about the concerns and issues of the peoples, foremost concerns and issues of Muslim women in various parts of the globe


Therefore, this International Women's Forum was an essential step in the sincere and diligent pursuit of women's unity worldwide and the recognition and protection of their rights and activating their participation in various walks of life and conducting dialogue in order to reach a common ground that is the basis for the positive and active participation of women in various forms of life and for the sake of To achieve this, the Forum came up with the following resolutions and recommendations


Firstly. In the area of ​​women's participation in political action


The necessity of establishing a unified women's entity that will serve as an institutional framework that will oversee, organize, promote and activate the role of women in society. This entity will serve as a free platform for Muslim women to raise their issues and communicate their message to the world and participate through it in international forums.


Working to achieve women's cooperation among Islamic countries in order to exchange visits and information and coordinate positions and unify them


the work. To achieve the active participation of Muslim women in decision-making positions, in addition to participating in voluntary associations and non-governmental organizations, in recognition of their pioneering role in these areas.


Second. : In the field of global challenges


That Muslim women should play their role in achieving world peace by returning to religion and following the missionary model to establish the meanings of fair values ​​and principles


The rejection of dependence on the West and freedom from negative repercussions and rejection of the decisions of international conferences demanding social disintegration


Calling for the cessation of wars and work to achieve world peace and denounce the global behavior in the treatment of Muslims, especially Islamic minorities in non-Islamic countries

Third. In the field of rooting and thought


Introducing the contemporary juristic alternative to address the problems of Muslims in the world, especially in the West


Work on the training of motherhood and father together and dismantle the artificial schizophrenia in line with the rooting of the integrative role. Mother and father


Emphasis on the need to preserve the family as a social institution in which the good generation is growing up and the definition of the Muslim family must be defined so that it becomes scientifically defined and adopted in international forums


Working to combat poverty by providing women with the opportunity to find the right job and to establish institutions that are qualified to care for children, with the provision of financial support to working women to take responsibility for raising and raising their children.


The necessity of rooting out women's movement and its various issues in order to sense the Islamic nation by its strength and its appeal by calling for good and virtue.


And rooting. His concept is related to the principles of faith and the rooting of knowledge means its development in the form of faith and there is a close relationship between the rooting and religion and is intended to legalization is the return of Islamic origins and the division of legal issues in the modern events on those legal assets and their methodological origins and thus the rooting reveals the close link between the science derived from the revelation and knowledge gained Of the universe, life and nature. In this context, the science of piety is linked to the truth. (( But they fear Allah scientists))


And to institutionalize the moral knowledge of the institution of piety. In line with the noble values ​​and do not oppose them, adding that the rooting aims at connecting the knowledge of the cultural heritage of the Islamic nation. Or established on the basis of intellectual foundations and reference with the acquisition of all scientific contributions and constitute the Arabic language and a pot of Islamic civilization and one of the most important pillars of rooting what he called. Arabization.


And for rooting after another believes in the perception of the cosmic existence, a comprehensive vision, ie, the provision of knowledge within the framework of the collector, which absorbs all that takes place in the universe from the philosophical insights of the minor and purifies them of false statements and there is a striking rooting called the localization of knowledge. It is the employment of science for the human dimension according to the purposes of Sharia


The International Islamic Women's Union sought to root out women's movement and its various issues in order to sense the Islamic nation by its strength and its appeal by calling for good and virtue at a time when Western changes are beginning to take shape in our societies. The main target of this group is the women, children and youth through its means of intellectual and cultural conquest Via satellite and the Internet and between the agenda and mechanisms. United nations. Which is working hard to formulate special laws and legislation. The United Nations has supervised many international and regional conferences that have resulted in international conventions. Such as the CEDAW Convention, which is contained in its texts. Legal violations.


And the follower of these conferences. Starting from a conference. Copenhagen and through the Nairobi Conference. Beijing and Cairo find that the target is Muslim women.


Content and content. Which the West seeks to globalize through these mechanisms is a radical transformation of the concept of the family and its function and composition, which in turn represents a serious challenge to Muslim communities to change the concept of the family to be re-drafted in the Western style


The Union strives to consolidate knowledge of women and family issues and to monitor current trends of globalization and other changing cultures and their effects on the family and the society, and work to highlight the problems of women, children and young people and provide solutions with an Islamic vision


The Muslim Woman Document was adopted and adopted. He worked on publishing the document of the Muslim child and many books and pamphlets that addressed and responded to the decisions. Which touches the Islamic creed


He established a research center in the fields of family, women and children


And held several regional conferences and seminars and workshops to train and qualify women cadres capable of dialogue in women's issues and issues in the global and regional forums


He also established the Council of Writers. For reference in jurisprudential cases. The Council has established numerous conferences, meetings and publications.


The Union has published Ansam magazine. It is published by the Research Center.


And to talk about the International Islamic Women's Union