The meeting was held on Monday, April 23, 2018, at 11 am in the morning Mr. Al-Mashir / Abdul Rahman Sowar Al-Dahab in his office at the Islamic Dawa Organization

In the presence of Sheikh Abdullah Makki, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Student Welfare Organization and the Secretary General of the International Islamic Women's Union. Afaf Ahmed Mohamed and Ms. Nazek Mohamed Othman. Foreign Relations of the Union.
The meeting was opened by presenting an overview of the International Islamic Women's Federation, its activities, branches and regional offices, and some problems that impede the march of some branches. The strategic plan for the next phase was discussed and the other countries must join together.
The meeting discussed the necessity of having offices and the presence of the Union in the Arabian Gulf and the need to strengthen the role of African women in these countries, and focused on Qatar as it is keen to open up to the world under the current circumstances.
After extensive discussion, the meeting reached several views as follows:
• The need to communicate with Sheikha / Moza through sending a letter from the Federation and a letter of recommendation from the Office of Marshal / Abdul Rahman Sowar Al-Zahab to present the ideas and visions of the Union.
• After the approval of the Sudanese Foreign Ministry to send a letter to the Sudanese ambassador to Qatar and contact with Sheikh / Moza and strengthen relations between the two countries.
• Communicate directly with the Princess Office and introduce the vision and objectives of the Union.
• Sending a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs attached to a letter of commendation from Mr. Al-Mashir.
• Sending official letters.
• Clarify the objectives of the Union and its future vision, which correspond to the areas in which sheikha / moza.
• Suggesting communication with the OIC - Saudi Arabia.