In the context of the Federation's visits to the embassies of some countries, a delegation from the Union, the Head of the Secretary-General, Dr. Afaf Ahmed, and the Secretariat of Foreign Relations visited the Embassy of the Kingdom of Jordan in Khartoum. They were received by the Jordanian Ambassador,

And its role in activating the role of women in general and African women in particular because of the challenges they face in light of ignorance, poverty and lack of awareness.

For his part, the ambassador spoke of the Jordanian woman and the special interest of his government. He described Jordanian women as educated and educated, as the percentage of education for women in Jordan reached 70%, and he proposed writing a letter to Queen Rania until she became the official sponsor of the union in Jordan. He also stressed the need for a forum for women in Jordan and its participation in the Federation and called for the participation of the Federation in the events held for women in Jordan. He stressed that his embassy will spare no effort in facilitating the task of the members of the Union to participate in these events and grant them visas necessary for travel.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Afaf Ahmed, Secretary General of the Union, thanked the Ambassador and the members of the Embassy Ali Hassan for their reception.