Dr. Afaf Ahmed Mohammed, Secretary General of the International muslim Women's Union, said that the issue of marginal and low-income professions has become a thorny and complex issue and it is of great interest at all levels, especially in the current circumstances.

And the increasing preparation of the migration of foreigners to Sudan, which increased the number of foreign workers from the element of women and young ages, adding in her welcome speech in the workshop of marginal occupations and its impact on the communities held by the International muslim Women's Union today that crimes have emerged in ways unfamiliar to the emergence of diseases and social problems led to events Changes in the social fabric Afaf affirmed the role of the Union in contrast to the views of Muslim women on all issues and help in finding solutions on issues and social problems. He added that the marginal actions have earned Sharif and contribute to family stability and are working to reduce the rate of unemployment and achieve a balance of social and social and realized that the marginal actions of the negative ones, it weakens the entertainment aspect of the families and their owners are harassed and leads The long absence of the head of the family from the house and with a low yield and it contributes to environmental pollution beside friction and quarrels and exposure to campaigns may be a cause of the spread of drugs and alcohol and that their owners can be recruited and become sources of information to the parties In a paper addressing the security threats to marginal occupations, Captain Mei Osman presented a paper on the security threats to marginal occupations, stressing that it takes great efforts to reduce public relations, pointing out that marginal occupations are fertile environments for crime, planning of thefts, spreading of headers, gathering information, economic, social and health dimensions. And not to allow any person to practice the profession only with a health certificate and health disclosure and alerted to the importance of spreading religious awareness, stressing the need for the police and security services to create the atmosphere suitable for practicing the profession and the formation of an early warning to detect misconduct and other And called for the importance of disseminating the culture of peace, tolerance and patriotism and encouraging community action in the fight against crime and delinquency and finding permanent places for professionals and creating workplaces. Speakers called for the importance of not only a security outlook but also consideration of the humanitarian and social aspects and causes, social justice and the introduction of professionals in Societies and Associations Dr. Ali Khairi discussed the social, environmental and legal dimensions of this phenomenon and called for the importance of applying the law and the formation of bodies and unions for professionals. He pointed out that the countries that developed and developed the law applied to all Aware of the dangers and fought crime through clear and strong laws