President of Islamic Fiqh Academy at the interactive conference on contemporary women's issues and the dialogue of civilizations

    Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and the prayers and blessings of God and the bestowal of Zakat on the one whom God sent to the mercy of the worlds and to make it an argument on the creation of all the Prophet of Mercy and the Imam of guidance on him the best prayer and completed the delivery.

    His Excellency the First Vice President of the Republic, Mother of the Mujahid, the Union Foundation, Dr. Suad Al-Fateh, Khalid Al-Ajimi, Dr. Afaf Secretary General of the Union, Ministers and Gentlemen of the Diplomatic Corps, Distinguished Guests, Brothers and Sisters, May Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

    We are honored in this holy morning in the Holy Land where the Qur'an and the Sultan, where the scholars and the rulers are united, and the invitation and the state are united. We gather in this kind and blessed rehab to celebrate the well-known days in the context of the International Islamic Women's Union. The former president of the Republic of Pakistan, Zia al-Haq, may God have mercy on him, and the second age, which was renewed in 1996, and continues to offer in various fields a definition of the message and to inform it and communicate it with partners in carrying it around the globe and in different continents. For all their determined efforts.

    This meeting was attended by a group of our sisters who were members of the Union who chose our title in this conference. This is a catalyst for the effectiveness of women in light of the contemporary challenges and issues of dialogue among civilizations. The man's partner in the mission of intelligence and the architecture of the universe and life, converted to Islam and her father was a kaafir and Islam and her brother was a kaafir and some of them made her dowry of Islam and I was baptized by her faith and her beliefs and her laws and her slaves, and she was the male partner in the male and in the place of worship. It was the partner of the man in the movement of science and scientists, and if the six who finished the leadership of science in the city was at the head of these six mother Aisha, may Allah be pleased with them, was a scholar of the Messenger of Allah and the interpretation of the Koran And the Arabs and the Arabs and the Arabs and the Arabs and the Arabs and the most honorable of the Companions were surveyed in the covers of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and if the jurisprudence was mentioned Umm al-Darda jurisprudence was present in the Jihad watering the wounded and the treatment of the sick and support the Mujahideen and support them and say you O Messenger of God, every calamity after you ordered insulting, after I was satisfied with the basket I have been entrusted to you O Omar called Amira Wrestling boys in the market Okaz, the days that went until the name of the Commander of the Faithful, Vtq God and keep Muhammad in his flock and know that those who feared death feared I have learned that God heard her complaint from above seven heavens and age to hear more of her words. A merchant, a farmer, a maker, also participated in the collection of the Prophet's Hadith in the first cent of what he commanded. Omar bin Abdul Aziz to collect what distinguishes from the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him She was the only woman who collected most of what was separated from the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). It was Amara bint Abd al-Rahman al-Ansari. Abu Shihab al-Zuhri said that her grandmother was a sea that would not budge. We know that Saheeh al-Bukhari is the most correct of the books after the Book of Allah. You know that the approved version of Sahih al-Bukhari is the version that was narrated by Karima or Baqir as well as Saheeh Muslim, but some of them have made their dowry a book in the jurisprudence of Abu Haneefah. Fatima Al-Samarqandi, who wanted to marry a young boy Ask him to be a dowry model car, but buy It is the most extensive encyclopaedia in the jurisprudence of Abu Hanifa. This is the history of women, and when Khatib al-Baghdadi dated in the history of Baghdad fourteen parts make the latter part of women's poets and what Knowledge of science and jurisprudence, literature, history, language, poetry and performances, and knew people to feel women, but the largest of Athen in the march of Arabic poetry was Khansaa.

The woman was present in all the movement of life and therefore we renew the effectiveness of women to connect to that great uterus, the uterus which the Holy Quran revealed and the Sunnah of the Prophet and lived by the mothers of the faithful and the great companions of the faithful believers and sisters of Muslims throughout history, but the most famous Muslim scholars in history have received the religious jurisprudential religious fundamentalist The women were present, and today when we complain of religious and civilizational illiteracy in women's lives, we complain about women and women. He said that a woman may not go out of her house until three times, to go from her mother's womb to this world and from her father's house to her husband's house and from her husband's house to the grave. I do not know. This is an exit or is it some darkness above one another, and the Holy Quran teaches us in the guidance and says a well-known word, the well-known saying in the movement of life and in the movement of interaction (

, This tajj is not in the house, but literature is related to movement in life (not hit with their legs to know what they hide from their adornment), but some of them who participated in political life.

    Our master Abdurrahman bin Auf is presenting the order of the candidates Osman and Ali, may Allah be pleased with them, to the nation, the drug is bred in their cheeks, the women in the house consult with them in the Caliph, who leads the Muslims, sees their opinion, they have a voice for men to share their movement in life, The consultation that took place in the mosque, when Omar wanted to determine the dowry of women, said to him: "O you, O Omar, and Allah says (and one of them came Qantara). He said: All the people of your horizon, O Omar, were present in the movement of religious, intellectual, But unfortunately we have been in the era of cultural decline times We are working to restore women's effectiveness to respond to women's understanding of their religion to the right source of the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, because it is the balance that weighs the scales of legitimacy and in return we found Another challenge is to challenge the international system that tries to impose through its legislation in CEDAW and in non-CEDAW a system that does not recognize our cultural specificities and our cultural identity. It wants to make justice and equality in the sense of symmetry that does not recognize the natural differences between men and women. Copied common than what the women in the West and this challenged us to impose a global central civilization does not recognize us privacy.

    We have to deal with what should be addressed to him from the ignorance of the inside and out of the outside hand, and we thank God Almighty in Sudan that the Islamic movement was effective and present today Muslim women, the Minister, the judge and the counselor, and participate in the movement of life side by side with the man, And one of them is a judge and his father and the second judge and teacher of the Islamic University, who share with the man side by side to present her guide, her Hajj and her proof, and discuss as the man discusses this, which was known by the clear history. As we renew the effectiveness and role of women and the first thing we work to our mission to restore the effectiveness of the legitimate right assets rather than eras of cultural decline and backwardness in our nation and with making sure what he called d. Afaf from an international conference sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to achieve coexistence among civilizations, I say before that we need an international conference to achieve co-existence between the people of the one Qibla and the one and the same religion, because sectarian differences and sectarian and jurisprudence hit our nation and dispersed by the hands of Saba and imposed an enemy on them.

    It is our duty to organize the Sunni house from the inside, and it is our duty to unite our ranks and to differentiate between our vision. If we accept the civilizational dialogue, we proceed from a single vision and set off from a confrontation and harmony with the issues posed by civilized reality. We do not call for the herd, but we call for civilizational interaction and differences between civilizational interaction and civilizational invasion, because the invasion is an invasion of the strong. The The third is the village, and the third is a small village, not a big village. In this space there are the so-called six revolutions, the revolution of communication, Space revolution, technology revolution, information revolution, the revolution of biology, and the revolution of genes.

    This is how we keep this youth and this generation to keep the faith, true worship, strong thought, solid man belongs to the people of the world, Religion, nation and civilization.

    What is important is that we build the role and the shortcomings, and that the generations that are half the present and the future are lost. This is a great challenge that we must work on.

Finally, I do not wish to prolong it, but it is not enough to curse the dark, but we have to strive to light the candles. This means that we are keen on the jurisprudence of alternatives.

Many of us complain about the tyranny of the West and the West's arrogance. The West is working to achieve its agenda. What have we done to achieve our agenda, goals, goals and interests? We must strive in the jurisprudence of alternatives. God forbids usury and God forbid selling, forbidding adultery and giving up marriage to give us a model of initiatives. To encourage creativity and to nurture the people of the nobility and the nobles of our daughters and our sons to form an active presence in the civilizational tender and say that the nation of Muhammad peace be upon him is still alive and is still present and the multiplication of the speeches and tribulations Arab poet says:

Though the days have been replaced by my misery and my blindness, and the accidents do

What Lint of us channel crucifixion, and do not delude us, which is not beautified

But we have departed dignified souls carrying what can not be tolerated

We have been patient with our souls, and we have been forgiven