At the seventh session of the Women's Union, the Board of Trustees of the Federation was due to meet in the State of Nigeria, and preparations were made for this, but some funding conditions prevented this.

This is what prompted the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Samia Rahil to present the invitation to hold the meeting in the Pakistani city of Lahore in mid-March 2018, which coincided with the Conference of Women Pioneers of Renaissance, organized by the Union Branch in Pakistan, in cooperation with a number of other parties.


 The recipients of the participating delegations were filled with friendliness and welcome and carrying wreaths and flowers. The reception began with welcoming speeches by Dr. Afaf Ahmed Mohamed, Secretary General of the Federation, and Dr. Samia Rahil, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and a number of participants, and then presented the gifts at the conclusion of the celebration of the veil, which was part of the reception.


 The programs of the Conference of Women Pioneers of Civilization began before the Board of Trustees meeting. The Assistant Secretary-General of Central Asia, Dr. Shaghfth Omar, delivered a brief statement on the objectives and reasons for the conference. The papers presented by participants from the University of Punjab - Islamic International University - Lahore University for Girls - and a number of women's issues - Papers on the concept of empowerment of women and the challenges and conflicts faced by women and the importance of women in Islam and others. The conference concluded with a word of thanks to the audience, delivered in Arabic, English and Urdu.


The meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on the third day, and began with the report of the Secretary General Dr. Afaf Ahmed, which reflected the mobility of the Presidency of the Federation, its programs and its Executive Office. The reports of the regional offices of the Union (Central Asia, East Africa, Middle East, East Asia and Australia) ). The reports were widely discussed and unanimously approved. Some observers also reported on their work in Norway, Sweden, Italy and Dubai. At the end of the meeting, another meeting was held with Mr. Siraj Al Haq, Emir of the Islamic Group of Pakistan, and Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, Secretary of Foreign Relations of the Community. They welcomed the attendance and stressed the important role of women in building civilizations and promoting society. He concluded today with a press conference to reflect the activity.


 At the end of the visit, the Federation's office in Pakistan organized a number of scientific and tourist visits to the delegation, including the visit of the delegation to the World Welfare University and its students. It also visited the Badshahi Mosque, which was built in the Mughal era. He visited an exhibition of bottles belonging to the branch of the Union in Pakistan. Finally, the delegation delegation invited to dinner in one of the ancient ancient restaurants in Pakistan and a number of gifts and souvenirs were presented at the end of the dinner.