The Secretary-General of the Federation, Dr. Afaf Ahmed, Assistant Secretary General for External Relations, Mrs. Nazek Mohamed, and Dr. Manal Farouk, met the Turkish Ambassador in his office in Khartoum in early October. The meeting touched upon the relationship between the two brotherly countries

Turkey's ambassador to Khartoum, Nazir Irfanoglu, stressed the importance of relations between the two countries, especially after the visit of the Turkish president to Sudan this year. He described the relations between the two countries as good in political, economic and social aspects, pointing out the cooperation of Turkish institutions and voluntary organizations. He explained that there is a need for partnerships and cooperation between the Union and the society run by the ambassador's ambassador in Sudan for the economic and social empowerment of women.

As a start to this joint cooperation, it was proposed to establish training courses for the Turkish nurses in Nyala, and another in the Turkish hospital in Somalia for Somali midwives.