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Annual Breakfast of the International Islamic Women's Union
As part of the expansion of its foreign relations with friendly and sister countries, the International Islamic Women's Union organized its breakfast at the headquarters of the Union in Khartoum on Friday, June 7, 2018, in which many expatriate communities and students from different countries attended the universities of Sudan and various countries. The ministers and the leaders of the state and the symbols of society, the cohesion showed the face of Sudan bright and generous Fayadh.
The audience was attended by a number of guests. The delegation was attended by ambassadors from the State of Yemen, the State of Canada, the Chargé d'affaires of Iraq, the Ethiopian Embassy and the Honorary Consul of the State of Thailand. The Ambassadors were from Niger, Iraq, Mali and India.
For her part, Dr. Afaf Ahmed Mohammed, Secretary General of the Union, stressed that the intention of breakfast is to create a relationship between countries and to strengthen relations between Muslim countries.
She also thanked the countries that hosted the various activities of the Union, some of them members of the Board of Trustees of the International Islamic Women's Union, indicating that the Union The International Islamic Women is an international organization of consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, led by a Board of Trustees consisting of 30 members from different countries of the world.
During the breakfast, the program included a religious lecture and a presentation of the history of Sudan's civilization and its archaeological areas. Dr. Entsar Saghiroun, member of the Consultative Council, reflected the different cultures and diversity of Sudan in all fields.

Union participated in a workshop on maternal and child mortality

The International Islamic Women's Union participated in a workshop on the social, cultural and economic dimensions of maternal and child mortality under the slogan "and those who revived it" on July 18, 2017. The workshop addressed the most important threats affecting the health of mothers, children and the family in general.
With the participation of Dr. Israa Bashir, Secretary of the Research and Publishing Secretariat of the International Islamic Women's Federation. Where the work was divided into political activity groups, service activity, maternal and child mortality analysis, innovative community activity and capacity development. The Women's Union joined the capacity development and outreach group. The workshop recommended pursuing these goals and devising new, effective, attractive and sophisticated methods of family health In particular, maternal and child health.

Forum of unilateral decisions against human rights ..

The International Islamic Women's Union held a forum for the hostile unilateral decisions at the Police House in Bree on Monday, 21/8/2017 for human rights in the framework of the Women for Development and Change campaign. HE Ambassador Mehdi Ibrahim spoke in a keynote address and Dr. Soumia confirmed the Minister of International Cooperation, The discussion was chaired by Mr. Yasser Sayed Ahmed, Rapporteur of the Consultative Council for Human Rights and attended by several ministers, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of Libya Najima Khamis Baraka and a number of ambassadors residing in Swan, Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Sudan. President of the Yemeni Community Mohamed Al-Orabi and Afghan Community President Fazl Ahmed Mohamed Ali and members of the voluntary work organizations in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Expatriate Care Organizations Sheikh Abdullah Makki Sadiq and Chairman of the African Committee for the Global Symposium Dr. Samir Abdel-Jabbar Taha. Rabea from the professor, the head of the Center for Human Rights Azhari Hussein Siddiq
  They talked about the unilateral decisions and their impact and what are the reasons for these decisions and anything that aims and aims. They also talked about the negative effects of the resolutions on countries, especially on Sudan. They explained that the Sudan issued resolutions and penalties, the worst of its kind. Until these sanctions and the embargo are lifted in full, and strongly condemn these resolutions and sanctions on these countries, especially on Sudan.
The Secretary-General d. Afaf Ahmed Mohammed, that the definition of duties color of charity is not limited to give us all the right of his right, but beyond to waiver him some of our rights mercy and charity to him, the human being is a man of duty who feels his responsibility and do his duty before feeling the right and demands it.
She added that the source of evil historically and the abolition of human humanity and the drop of rights and the destruction of human dignity and dignity has always been inherent in the domination of tyranny on the human and took this domination of multiple forms and historical development with the journey of the long man to show the manifestations of Shti and whenever he discovered a color of authoritarian colors replaced by tyrants and other colors of these colors The unilateralism of the authoritarian states, which have given themselves privileges, enables them to exercise analysis and prohibition, to control human behavior and intentions, and to judge their own destinies and wealth.

How many peoples, especially the peoples of the Arab and Muslim countries, have tasted the horrors of these unjust decisions, which are racist and have violated human rights and dignity in these countries. We must recognize that in most parts of the Muslim and Arab world today, people live in a tragic situation that drives their humanity and chases their food, drink and life. , And it is regrettable that these tragedies take place under the slogans of freedom, democracy and social justice from countries that claim civilization and protect human rights.
The purpose of this forum is to shed light on some of the effects of this type of decision and to try to save the human being from this domination and to promote human humanity and dignity and rights and stop the process of control and wills invoked by these countries and then return to humanity to one creator and one human family and the report of the principle of equality or right Equality that can not cure the problems of humanity without it.
We aspire to provide the pure image of the good society and to return to the Islamic discourse after the world and the Islamic world and raise it to the level of small and local concerns that we occupy to care about human issues wherever it is in justice, freedom, peace, equality, development and food security. Experiences and practices from arrogant countries.
Said Dr. The Women's Campaign for Development and Change is a peace alliance to spread love, understanding and coordination among women in the world and launched the campaign led by the women of Sudan with a peace alliance to spread love to the world and coordination. Among women of the world in all issues and said that the problems of women in the world are similar but in different forms and stages. She called on the women of the world to get around the "women's campaign for development and change". She said that the campaign will begin through its programs of Sudanese women in all the different states through the delivery of the media message and enlightenment of women
For his part, Ambassador Mahdi Ibrahim said that this good initiative, Suad Al-Fateh is considered a major and dangerous transformation but we are on this occasion today. We are in a dangerous phase in the third world countries, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. A strategic project for a fundamental change of this region and implementation of the map drawn up by the British and French authorities in the region is being redrafted in a new way to create conflicts and cultivate racial, religious and geographical rivalries so that communication between the components of this region is not available. The Middle East is meant by Africa, and what we see today in Sudan is the place to talk and hit like the collapse of the Arab countries in the Arab Spring. The whole world sees the signs of the collapse of the Arab people of my dead and wounded all over the world and the displaced women and children and refugees coming from their homelands do not have anything to go to the sea and know that there is death and there is a conflict and interference especially for third world countries, from destabilizing and igniting wars.

The Atlantic Party is the one that strikes in the Levant for four and five consecutive years. Its membership extends from the sides of Asia and the Levant to the periphery of Morocco, whose countries represent the countries of advancement, informatics, urbanization, literature and human rights. What are the effects of the continuous bombardment of four or five consecutive years on these countries Who knows these effects ?? Talk about support, funding, protection and responsibility of ?? He spoke about the recent events in Mosul and the absence of any dead members of the district, who are only indigenous people who have left behind displaced and widowed columns.
The Minister of International Cooperation Sumaya confirmed that Islam talked about the interdependence and values ​​tolerant, and talked about the sanctions why the Gum Arab sanctions were excluded? As for what in the transactions do not know the facts in detail, and gum gum was excluded from the cessation of their products As for the drugs are humane, there are indications that the case is a complex issue.
 Dr. Sumaya confirmed the Minister of International Cooperation in her speech
 The economic siege of the province is intended to dismantle and weaken the infrastructure of the Sudan, and hit the infrastructure of the Sudanese economy, especially the agricultural field and his method is an influential method of drawing a negative mental image of Sudan and represented by personal experiences, and mental image is drawn in the minds of future generations, and reviewed her experience at university Washington Method of the Leader Ship and how to deal with hostile ideas In this context, a campaign of secondary schools in remote places to assess their contacts in order to bring support to the region of Darfur, and was asked whether it is from the House of Four Jawed ?? !!! He is a high school student !!
Stressing the work of Western media to draw this very negative image of Sudan, and in the midst of this problem discussed the issue of the Council of medical specialties and we are in a real battle and must be two things first awareness and attributed that the reason for this there is no real external media to reflect the real picture outside Sudan and address only Local authorities that fully know the reality of Sudan. It needs this Sudanese image to go abroad and need to strengthen the external relations and the openness in the external relations that the Sudanese public diplomacy has been playing has had a positive effect and demanded that some neutral minds be in diplomacy. The wrong mental image is mirrored by local reports and vice versa. The second is the Sudanese impression of foreign institutions and the migration of bright minds outside Sudan (the country's finest youth). "The more the siege intensified, the more the nation rose up, the example of the state of Cuba, and the human rights issue. The reason for the imposition of sanctions is that Sudan supports terrorism. The resolution (imposing sanctions) on Sudan has been issued. For the Sudanese citizen (not logical) !!
And we see what the impact of sanctions on the Sudanese citizen and the center of social communication affected by unilateral sanctions. Have mothers and children who have not received adequate treatment increased? And so on

Because of the lack of proper treatment in a timely manner. There are 20 international pharmaceutical companies that bring in the original medicines (even the sanctions included the medical field) and the siege was lifted from the health and this is not true until the month of January and talked about the ban even in medical devices. !! Sanctions have come to deal with foreign banks supporting the Sudan, and recommended the urgent need for channels to address the world and the definition of Sudan is correct.
       Thirteen articles were put into the sanctions and the discussion was initiated by the human rights question in the Ministry of Justice Maulana Yasser Sayed Ahmed. He said that the siege on the Sudan is a comprehensive siege, describing the economy as a comprehensive comprehensive siege. All these measures were imposed for hegemony, control of resources and the elimination of interests. The Western world is a scandalous issue and therefore anyone can talk about homelessness and it is donated because it is convinced that human rights are an authentic issue in the Islamic society before the Westerner continued to achieve human rights in Islam and religion. And our favor They are on many of us who have created a preference. "Therefore, this concept must exist in our peoples and societies, and we must date this for future generations.
He said that the nearly 20 years of the siege on Sudan since 1983, and how to resist this siege, it is true that the world is stronger than Sudan financially, but we derive our strength from the strong and these measures have a negative impact on the sanctions. The United Nations has its own mechanisms, which show that sanctions are in violation of international human rights law until last March. And has a negative impact on all human rights or the right to life directly but indirectly thousands of lives have been taken down aircraft dropped .. On the other hand that the Sudanese airline specifically manufactured for Sudan five modern aircraft prevented from entering the Sudan and sold a loss of about (50) ) Million dollars in a period of three months and was witness to it. For the first time, a UN special rapporteur speaks in a human rights case after his visit to the Sudan and has sent and explicitly states in an official report that the United States has caused human rights violations, which led to the US delegation calling for a quick response to this report. What is important is that it is necessary to defend this issue to lift sanctions on Sudan. We need such initiatives and ongoing campaigns because they are a stronger expression than formal and informal demonstrations.
In the same context, the head of the Yemeni community Mohammed Al-Azami talked about some points that could be recommendations that must be implemented. The real and actual women should be involved and I propose four points: the internal situation, the international situation, the American media.
The woman is capable of thinking about the issue of analyzing positions following the Ambassador's statement that the main purpose of the sanctions is to divide the Sudan. He added that women are the supporters and any subject that women entered is undoubtedly successful. Today we are in a global Islamic feminist forum. We stand very close to the African countries in relation to the siege on Sudan, even though the Union was established in an Islamic state. What did the Muslim world do to join the Sudan issues, coordinate issues with Islamic organizations, where are the Islamic organizations and network with foreign organizations? Intention ?? Did the conscience of the world wake up to pay attention to Sudanese women and the children of Sudan and their problems, to represent the Sudanese nation, is it shortening or not interacting with the other?

The second axis: International and networking with international organizations as a coordinator with civil society organizations and the example of the presence of e-mails that includes all civil society organizations worldwide statistics and figures.
Axis III: American: talked about the paper content of Sino-African Arab cooperation.
America needs the world to promote its products, and the world needs Sudan and Sudan has the powers but how these powers are used to address the whole world in economic issues and interests. America needs Sudan because it knows that Sudan is the gateway to Africa, where is the ability of the Sudanese negotiator, As you are starting education in Yemen.
I hope that Sudan's issues will be present at the International Council for Human Rights. We demand that Sudan be seen as a people and it is necessary to stand on the basic issues of Sudan.
Among the recommendations made by the forum is the establishment of a women's media campaign based on scientific studies on the violation of the unilateral decision of the state. The necessity of neutralizing such initiatives to raise the awareness of local and international public opinion should be a clear strategy for the media. Positive for the Sudan to introduce it and its issues. Networking between Islamic organizations and foreign organizations


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