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Visit the officials of foreign missions of the Islamic Call Organization

             A delegation of heads of regional offices of the foreign missions of the Organization of the Islamic Call visited the International Islamic Women's Union on Monday 19/2/2018. Yahya Othman, Director of the Department of External Missions of the Organization, and officials of the offices of the Organization. Adel Hassan Ismail South Africa Office, Kony Issa Ivory Coast Office, Mohamed Abdel Aal Turkey Office, Mohamed Nasr Chad Office, Imad El Din Hassan Congo Office, Akil Naeem Abdelkader Djibouti Office, Juma Tomei and Renin Lual South Sudan Office, Mohamed Fadl Comoros Office Director of the African Association for Motherhood and Childhood Care, members of the General Secretariat of the International Islamic Women's Union, the Legal Counsel of the Federation, the Counselor of the Union, and the Secretary of the Union. The secretary of research and publishing and the media, within the framework of communication and exchange of experiences between the Union and the Organization and support for the achievement of their common objectives. The discussion focused on how cooperation between the Organization and the Union in the common issues. The meeting reached the following recommendations:

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Organization and the Federation shall be signed at the level of the Secretary-General of the Organization and the Union, under which both parties shall be required

Work under the supervision of the Head of Mission

Know the problems and challenges faced by Muslim and non-Muslim women

Coordination between the Union and the Organization for more cooperation in the management of files for African countries and identify the needs of both parties and provide the necessary facilities for delegations and field visits

Assisting in the nomination of the membership of the Union and the Board of Trustees in the country concerned according to the vision and specifications of the Union and provide all the assistance required and facilitate communication with the various organs in the State

Arranging the regional preparatory conferences of the Union and arranging visits to important areas in the country concerned and prominent figures in the community

The organization should assist the female candidates of the branch in the State concerned to conduct studies on the status of women, which illustrate their problems and challenges

Funding proposals

Research and presentation in the programs of women in international organizations

Adoption of projects for women by the Organization

The Union shall promote and develop projects for the benefit of women in African countries

Assist in nomination of members according to the Union's vision and specifications


Dr.. Afaf Ahmed Mohammed Secretary General of the Islamic Women Union
* We received consultative status at the United Nations 1997
* The Union is a global forum for Muslim women that unites its visions and efforts
* We have intelligent partnerships with local, regional and international bodies and we are seeking to open branches of the Union in all the world.
Our goal is for Muslim women to play a prominent role in achieving sustainable development and promoting tolerance and coexistence among civilizations and religions.
* Anshana specialized library for women to help the Union in achieving the goal of spreading awareness among Muslims
 She is one of the women who has been in the field of public work for quite some time. She has made a lot of efforts in this field and has not anticipated anything, ambitious, steadfast to do good, do not know in her life the meaning of failure, addicted to success and her ally with the success of God and perseverance and hard work, To promote, develop and provide a helping hand for women in general and Sudanese in particular, from the seat of the Secretary-General of the International Islamic Women's Union, which has become a fire thanks to the concerted and concerted efforts of all its leaders ... Our guest in this area d. Afaf Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Hussein received many higher academic degrees from the University of Khartoum and was refined by experience and accumulated experience, which enabled her to be eligible for this seat, which added many positive benefits, we sat down and besieged it with questions and responded with all greetings and welcomed and issued a rich statement about the Islamic Women's Union Global .
Interview: Mona Khojaly
  I have held several academic positions. Would you prefer some details in this regard?
Assistant professor of postgraduate studies at Omdurman Islamic University, teaching and supervising postgraduate students of master and higher diploma, professor at the Faculty of Economics, Omdurman Islamic University, Director of the Development Center of faculty members, Director of the General Administration for Training and Educational Development.
What about practical and operational tasks?
Director of the Training and Research Department of the Supreme Council for Total Quality and Excellence in the Presidency of the Republic, Agricultural Engineer International Cooperation Department, Agricultural Engineer Department of Agricultural Policy Department of Planning Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Agricultural Engineer Department of Follow-up and Implementation Planning Department.
Where was d. Afaf before becoming Secretary General of the Union?
The Secretary of Statistics and Information Secretariat of the General Union of Sudanese Women, Secretary of Statistics and Information and Secretary of the Secretariat of Professional Women's Secretariat at the National Conference. State of Khartoum, Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Agricultural Engineers, Member of the Executive Committee of the Union of Agricultural Engineers.
Tell us about your membership in boards and organizations?
Member of the Council of the University of Sudan Open, Member of the Board of Directors of the Birth Hospital Bamderman, Member of the Research Council of the Institute of Strategic Studies, Omdurman Islamic University, Member of the Research Council of the Center for Quality and Excellence, University of Sudan for Science and Technology, Member of the Executive Office of the Professional Union of University Teachers and Higher Institutes, , Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Agricultural Engineers.
Where is the idea of ​​union coming from?
As a development of the World Organization of Muslim Women and the creation of a global forum for Muslim women that unites their visions, efforts and potentials and adopts their issues for the establishment of a society of justice and interdependence, delegations from sixty-five Islamic countries met in Khartoum in 1996, Muslims in the world included individuals and organizations.
Why Sudan chose a seat for the Union?
Since the initiative of the Union came from the Sudanese sisters, it was decided that Sudan would be the headquarters country. Professor Suad Al-Fatih Al-Badawi was nominated as the first Secretary General of the Union. After three years of the foundation, the Union was granted the consultative status of the UN Economic and Social Council. The Commission on the Status of Women in New York, the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the United Nations Office at Vienna.
What are the objectives of its establishment?

The Islamic World Women's Union has set itself strategic objectives that lead Muslim women to play a prominent role in achieving the goals of sustainable development, spreading the culture of tolerance, tolerance and co-existence among different cultures, religions and cultures, striving with Muslim women and others to achieve progress in all aspects of life. And raise awareness to show the identity of Muslim women and help them overcome injustice and counter practices that are incompatible with the values ​​of religion and human dignity, strengthen the bonds of compassion, tolerance and cooperation among women all over the world, raise the cultural level of women Education, training and assistance in the pursuit of their rights and building the family in order to establish stable and stable societies. Working with the women of the world to enable the values ​​of justice, equality and sound ethics in society, renunciation and oppression, and attributing women's position and status to human development. Political, social and cultural rights and their participation in a greater role in the development of human development.
Tell us about the union's functional structure?
The General Conference is the highest authority in the Union, which is held every three years. It is concerned with the election of the Secretary General, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the approval of the general policies and plans, previously held outside the headquarters country in Yemen Indonesia Malaysia, Lebanon, Pakistan. And held its first meeting in Turkey in 1997 and then held in Yemen, Iran and Indonesia, in which I was elected Secretary-General in 2015. The Secretariat is the highest executive organ of the Union, operating under the direction of the Secretary-General and direct investment, And is responsible for the implementation of the objectives of the Union, according to Majlis The Secretariat consists of twenty members representing the Secretary-General, his Deputy and his assistants in the specialized secretariats and officials of the regional offices (North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, Central Asia, South Asia, and East Asia). The Standing Committee and Advisory Boards The Consultative Council shall be chaired by Mr. Abdul Rahim Ali in 2015 and shall be held twice a year.
Are there branches of the Union in the countries of the world?
Qatar, Mauritania, Iraq, Yemen, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Tanzania, Malawi, Chad, Burkina Faso, Uganda and Albania, as well as the opening of branches in Senegal, Lebanon, Comoros, Somalia, Togo and Ghana.
I learned that you had an idea to set up a Council of Muslim Scholars. Did you implement the idea?
 Yes The World Council of Muslim Scholars was founded in 2000 and has branches in Sudan, Morocco, Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia and Lebanon.
Does the association have partnerships with peer organizations?
The Federation has a number of partnerships with local, regional and international bodies. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the International Islamic Women's Union and the African Union Commission to enhance cooperation and coordination between the two parties.

What are the activities of foreign branches?
The activities of the Union are many, but it is important to mention that in Malaysia, workshops were conducted to overcome the social and economic problems of poor communities and to develop the skills of women in social centers. In Thailand, training sessions were held on Islamic knowledge and the introduction of the Islamic religion in prisons and members of the regular forces and prisons. In addition, there was an educational exhibition in Sri Lanka, the celebration of the International Day of the Hijab, a permanent activity of all branches of the Union. Ackstan project flasks and small projects to empower women and school in Pakistan and also Ansam training course was held in Chad and Indonesia is very active in many activities which the construction of the World Council of Marks.
The conference organized a number of conferences internally: the interactive conference on contemporary women's issues and the dialogue of civilizations, the seventh general conference towards women initiative, and external: the conference of establishing and activating the region of East and Central Africa, the conference of establishing and activating West Africa region. Of the ITU conferences.
Do you have external and internal posts?
Yes, I participated in the Ninth Conference of African Women in the African Parliament in Egypt, the Forum of Leaders in the Islamic World in Turkey, the celebration of the Coordinating Body of the 35 Education Councils in Indonesia, and the visit of the Head of the Women Section of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey, Hind Deby "the Chadian President, who was chosen as Honorary President of the Union.
The Association also held a number of forums and activities (in the host country), including but not limited to: the Forum on Forced Migration and its impact on women and children, international charters and conventions on women's issues, personal status laws in Muslim countries, media coverage of women's issues, .
In return, were there visits to the Union at its headquarters in Sudan?
Yes, the Federation is honored with a number of visits. Mahathir Mohamad, former President of Malaysia and Chairperson of the Kuala Lumpur Forum; Mrs. Catherine Ashoya, Executive Director of COMESA Business Women; Mr. Roger Ankoudo Dang, Speaker of the African Parliament; Aisha Abdullah, AU Political Affairs Officer, Dr. Khalid Al Ajimi, Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Federation of Islamic Civil Organizations.
What is your future vision for the International Islamic Women's Union?
 Our mission is to develop an Islamic society that is based on the values ​​of justice, equality and ethics by opening branches around the world by focusing on the areas of importance and working to create relations with all international and regional institutions and organizations and seeking to double the empowerment of women in international and regional organizations and the United Nations. In the world and create partnerships with it and establish an information system for the Union based on electronic media, satellite channels and news agencies and the formation of women's groups from all over the world and from various religions to support the issues of women, children and anti Cultural centers, training and rehabilitation centers, and the establishment of international women's forums and forums to assist in the gathering, work and establishment of specialized links in all fields.
Did the Union achieve the required global?
To a certain extent achieved global and spread but less than our ambitions now Union in 35 countries, including African and Asian countries and Arab and we hope to be the branches of the Union in the Americas, Australia and European countries.
What are the challenges facing the Union?
Among the challenges are the communication between the branches of the Union, although the use of social media facilitates communication and there is still the problem of effective communication between the members of the Union in some countries and some of the problems also funding for international activities Many countries of the Union of African countries rely on funding from the headquarters country.
Do you have a library?
For the importance of information in achieving development and sustainability, a specialized library has been established in the field of women to help the Union achieve its objectives of spreading awareness among Muslim women, and conveying its message calling for the development and development of women and raising their abilities and highlighting their identity and cultural and cultural development.
Dr.. Afaf with many of your tasks, how to reconcile between home and work?
Praise be to Allaah. My children have grown up and I have said responsibilities in the house as a traitor to the children, some of them got married and some of them graduated with responsibility for the house.


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