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Assistant Secretary General for External Relations Professor Nazek Muntadi of the Ministry of Social Security and Social Development (Public Administration of the Family), under the slogan "Together to form a secure family for a promising future" presented by Dr. In the ministry, the discussion was discussed by Dr. Ameer Merghani. The paper dealt with several axes: 1. Definition of marriage 2. Age suitable for marriage 3. Participation in marriage in the formation of society 4. Economic and social obstacles 5. Youth reluctance to marry 6. Influence on mental health 7. Status of treatments Suitable for overcoming obstacles 8. Simplify marriage undressing Family: is the primary intention of building a society so it has great importance in caring for the pain of the father and the nation in recent years has received a serious change in the family, the reasons for cultural alienation. And the intellectual invasion due to friction with the outside world Bad travel Travel media outlets Sizes of the composition of the family and responsibility for the percentage of spinsterhood in women 34% of the age group (20-50) 16% for students divorced and widows and the result that the delay of the age of marriage is the last child, especially that Sudan is surrounded by countries with intensity High population such as Southern Sudan. Ethiopia. Egypt Threatens Identity and Threatens Foreign Presence Women's Concerns about Marriage 1. Incompetence 2. Non-Responsibility Causes of Delinquency 1. Social Change 2. Openness of Communities 3. Changing Style in Marriage Ceremony 4. Economic Situation of the State 5. Migration from the Rural to the Cities 6. Emigration and emigration, which lost many years of youth age 7. Women's work and self-reliance and financial dependence on the family 8. Over-ambition in the specifications of the husband (incompetence) 9. AzofAddemen girls after the death of the partner of the age The negative effects of the late age of marriage Effects of psychological effects of economic Effects of Social Policy Effects 3. Suggested solutions: 1. Employment of graduates 2. Facilitating financing procedures 3. Developing radical solutions for the financial sector 4. Combining families and youth 5. Exploring young couples 6. Providing the state with economical housing at symbolic prices for young people

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—The International Muslim Women Union (IMWU) is (NGO) established since 1996 a (65) women delegates gathering in Khartoum from around the world. Which They are elected Prof. Suad Al-Fatih Al-Badawi Sudan as the first Secretary-General of IMWU.

(IMWU) had a consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1999.

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