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Food for all:

—This Project is in regards to alleviation of poverty that threatens some of Muslim societies as reflected on a number of them suffering from serious diseases such as anemia, tuberculosis, and Malnutrition diseases and in the increase in the death toll of many people of various age categories. Hence the idea of a "food for all" project to achieve food security for these communities. The implementation of the project is limited to families
The housewives cultivate their needs of seasonal vegetables in addition to raising some poultry and sheep. The project relies on the principle of exchange between families.

—Has been implemented in many countries (Niger, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Senegal and other member states of the (IMWU).


—The project aims to raise the capacity of women, and to train the largest number of women. The importance of the project is that it is located in the HQ country. And looks forward to serving all branches of the (IMWU), & It’s one of the most important projects of (IMWU).   And all efforts are being made to develop it, diversify it, and spread its usefulness and continuity.

Specialized Library:

—This project aims at establishing a specialized library in the field of women to help the Union in achieving its objectives of spreading awareness among Muslim women to show the identity of Muslim women, in order to fully understand the importance of information in achieving development, decision-making and problem solving.

Midwife Tool Kit:

—The Third World suffers the worst of situations due to famine and immense and deteriorated health conditions affecting in particular mothers and children, where poverty is the leading factor followed by ignorance, lack of basic hygiene awareness of mothers and anti -natal and post natal care. Thus this Project is particularly targeting mothers living in the peripheries of towns and rural areas for the provision of Maternity Care. It is encompassing the technical aspects such as Training and Provision of important tools for implementation by the trainees.


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—The International Muslim Women Union (IMWU) is (NGO) established since 1996 a (65) women delegates gathering in Khartoum from around the world. Which They are elected Prof. Suad Al-Fatih Al-Badawi Sudan as the first Secretary-General of IMWU.

(IMWU) had a consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1999.

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