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الدورة التدريبة للمعجنات بفرع الإتحاد بدولة تشاد

اليوم الخامس للدورة التدريبية

جاتو ميكس

شرحت المدربة كيفية عمل جاتو ميكس المعلب جاهز

بعد ذلك قامت بخلط المكونات الإضافية للجاتو المعلب جاهزا حتى يتعلمن المشاركات خبزه

كما شرحت وأوصفت كيف تحضر كريمة الجاتو ولها عدة طرق لعملها. حلو بيض

بدأت المساعدة بشرح المكونات و الطريقة التي يحضر فيها حلو بيض



اليوم السادس للدورة التدريبية

أولاً: زيارة الأمين العام للإتحاد فرع تشاد

زارت صباح اليوم الأمين العام للإتحاد فرع تشاد السيدة البتول زكريا محل التدريب في بيت المرأة

وذلك لمعرفة سير عمل التدريب ومراقبة الأعمال التي تقوم بها المشاركات

كما أوصت المشاركات على التعلم بجدية تامة والإنتباه بصورة كاملة على ما تقوله المدربة،

وطلبت منهن أيضا الحضور في الزمن المحدد وعدم الغياب حتى تتمكن المدربة من إتمام مهمتها المطلوبة،

كما ناشدت المدربة على الشرح الوافر والتوضيح التام وتكثيف العمل

حتى تتمكن كل واحدة من المشاركات أن تعمل ما تعلمته في هذه الدورة



العادات الضارة في المجتمع وطرق علاجها اليوم الثاني/فرع الإتحاد بدولة تشاد

08 سبتمبر 2018م اليوم الثاني للمؤتمر الذي نظمه الإتحاد فرع تشاد في بيت المرأة
المحاضرة جاءت بعنوان العادات الضارة في المجتمع وطرق علاجها  قدمته كل من السيدة أمينة كوجيانا باللغة العربية والسيدة حليمة الأمين جمعة باللغة العربية

Seal of the Holy Quran - Chad Branch

Members of the International Muslim Women's Union concluded the Holy Quran this morning at its headquarters in the Women's House under the supervision of the Secretary-General of the Federation, Mrs. Batul Zakaria. After the seal.




Citizenship Week

On the occasion of the National Tree Week, a group of members of the Federation of Chad branch planted seedlings of fruit trees at the secondary school of Zraf in the first constituency on Saturday 25/08/2018 under the leadership of the Secretary General of the Federation Mrs. Batoul Zakaria under the supervision of the Minister of Women and Protection of Children and National Solidarity. The Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Mrs. Halima Al-Amin Jumaa, thanked the participants for their invitation and thanked the committee which spent the night for the success of this mission. She told the administration of this school to take care of these seedlings so that the trees become fruitful and the committee will follow up care in the coming days. The first deputy mayor of the first district gave a speech thanking the members of the union for these great efforts and their choice of the first department. He appealed to the residents of the city of Zaraf to take care of these seedlings

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mrs. Khadija Hasaballah, said that such acts are carried out annually by the Federation in support of the plan of the First Lady of the country.

Then the Minister planted her tree and started the events of the wedding under the supervision of the First Lady of the President of the honor of the Union, this morning a team of members of the Union in partnership with a number of other girls cleaning girls in the neighborhood of Umm Ragiba in the fifth circle

InshaAllah, the Union will branch Chad to plant tree seedlings in a school in the capital to synchronize with this week

On the occasion of the Citizenship Week, a group of members of the Federation, Chad Branch, headed by the Secretary General of the Federation, Mrs. Batoul Zakaria, and under the supervision of the National Police Director Taher Erda and his assistants, cleaned and planted the new National Police Station located in the 8th district of Angari district near the ECRB fuel station

Hygiene was initiated with the encouragement of members of the national police. A number of union leaders and a large number of members of the national police attended the ceremony

On the occasion of the citizenship week, a team of members of the Union clean and landscaping the new police station in the district of Angari near the fuel station of the ECRB under the supervision of Secretary General Batoul Zakaria and the Director of the National Police Taher Erda

The ceremony was attended by a number of union leaders and a large number of police officers

One hundred fruit trees were planted







The sixth day of the training course

First: Visit of the Secretary General of the Union of Chad Branch

This morning the Secretary General of the Federation Chad Branch, Ms. Batoul Zakaria, visited the training center in the woman's home

In order to know the progress of the training and monitor the work carried out by the participants

She also recommended the participants to learn very seriously and pay full attention to what the trainer says,

And also asked them to attend in the specified time and absence of absence in order for the trainer to complete the task required,

She also appealed to the trainer for a full explanation and clarification and to intensify the work

So that each of the posts can do what you learned in this course




08 September 2018, the second day of the conference organized by the Union Chad branch in the Women's House
The lecture was entitled "Harmful Habits in the Society and the Methods of Treatment" presented by Ms. Amina Koujiana in Arabic and Ms. Halima Al Amin Juma in Arabic

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—The International Muslim Women Union (IMWU) is (NGO) established since 1996 a (65) women delegates gathering in Khartoum from around the world. Which They are elected Prof. Suad Al-Fatih Al-Badawi Sudan as the first Secretary-General of IMWU.

(IMWU) had a consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1999.

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