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Network to organize (Imwu) activates

(IMWU) - Network:

economical network:

—In order to organize business women’s association to develop Islamic societies.

alimaat network:

—In order to establish council of Muslim alimat to coordinate electual efforts to develop the community in electual, cultural and Dawa.

media network:

  Media network: in order to establish communication network. To highlight on important issues and face current challenge.  


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—The International Muslim Women Union (IMWU) is (NGO) established since 1996 a (65) women delegates gathering in Khartoum from around the world. Which They are elected Prof. Suad Al-Fatih Al-Badawi Sudan as the first Secretary-General of IMWU.

(IMWU) had a consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1999.

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